The Smart Cycling Helmet Changing The Fitness Game

22 Jan The Smart Cycling Helmet Changing The Fitness Game

Cyclists should gear up for improved rides with LifeBEAM’s smart cycling helmet. It has changed the way of wearable fitness technology and the best way to monitor heart rate, cadence and calories. Incredibly comfortable and elegant looking—it gives you total control! Users have the ability to download their data on most fitness apps using the smart cycling helmet’s advanced Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity. Unlike other wearable fitness gadgets, these smart cycling helmets really set themselves apart with their ability to work in rain or shine, cold or hot weather and always remaining comfortable without requiring you to wear those annoying tight chest straps. In extreme weather conditions, heart rate trackers don’t always work as well which is something users definitely don’t have to worry about with LifeBEAM helmets. Along with all these benefits, the smart cycling helmet is incredibly accurate. Oh and did we mention? The inside head strap is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial so sweat away! The sensors in the helmets and hats first started as a way to measure the vitals of astronauts and jet pilots. This wearable product started out as a way to ensure the safety of astronauts and pilots and keep an eye on them. LifeBEAM then introduced it to the fitness world where and also came out with hats and visors so that runners and walkers could also enjoy the benefits. Smart Cycling Helmets prove that wearable tech is a new reality in health. The marketplace for fitness gadgets is becoming more saturated and competitive as more companies come out with their own version of wearable products. However, the LifeBEAM cycling helmets are one of a kind. They redefine accurate fitness progress and results. They are convenient—no need to be confined to one app. They are comfortable—no restricting chest straps or arm bands that restrict blood flow and breathing. Workouts will never be dull again.

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Cid Carver

Marketing Manager
2x half IRONMAN finisher, aspiring IRONMAN competitor and marketing Manager at LifeBEAM, Cid Carver loves all things Swim - Bike - Run & Marketing!