Sports Headband

Monitor your heart-rate without using a chest strap while training.

From Special Forces to athletes - easy to use and super convenient!

For several years, LifeBeam has been developing, together with a number of Aerospace organizations, a unique optical sensor that continuously monitors physiological parameters and saves pilots & fighters' lives. Now you can use this technology while exercising!

So what’s so cool about LifeBeam's Sports Headband?

The most common way to continuously get an accurate heart-rate during exercising is to wear a chest strap that transmits the physiological signal to a watch or a smart phone. Not anymore!

LifeBEAM introduces a strapless & accurate solution for real-time heart-rate monitoring.

What could be simpler than putting on your headband integrated with our small and almost invisible sensor, and continuously monitoring your heart rate?!

LifeBEAM's Sports Headband is compatible with all BT 4.0 & ANT+ devices and works with all fitness applications, so use your favorite smart phone app for additional functions, such as: average speed, distance, pace, GPS, etc.

Applications: Runners, Triathletes & Fitness lovers.

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